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Rotor Runout

After having the rotors turned, I used a micrometer to calculate the runout on the rotor. I also made my own shims using recycled aluminums cans.

Who Makes 1976 Corvette Wheels?

Answered a question about Corvette Wheels.

Relay Rod Rebuild

Removing the tie rods and rebuilding the relay rods.

Gas Tank Replacement

Replacement of a 1968 C3 Corvette gas tank and sending unit. This article covers dissassembly of the old tank and prep of a brand new one.

1976 Corvette Floor Pan

Repairing and replacing rusted out corvette stingray floor pans and seatbelt pockets.

Corvette Door Braces

Here I answered a great question about whether or not you need to use door braces when lifting the corvette body.

Hydraulic Press Dimensions

Answered a question about the metal thickness and size for the engine test stand.

Engine Test Stand Motor Mounts

Answered a question about the motor mounts on the engine test stand.

Front Suspension Assembly

Installing the control arms and coil springs on the front suspension assembly of a 1968 Corvette restoration.

Engine Test Stand

Building a homemade engine test stand from scratch. Complete motor run stand instructions including dimensions and pictures for everything.

Differential Rebuild

The differential isn't terribly hard but, in my opinion, it was the most challenging part to rebuild on the rolling chassis and it takes a lot of thought before breaking it down.

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3

Frame Work and Improvements - 1968 Corvette

Strengthen the frame of a 1968 Corvette. Includes instructions for adding support gussets, welding the frame, and supporting the cross member.

Front Suspension Disassembly - 1968 Corvette

Complete disassembly of the front end of a 1968 Corvette.

Front End Removal - 1968 Corvette

Removing the front end assembly from the frame including the control arms, spindels, coil springs, and more.

Wheel Polishing - 1976 Corvette

Step by step instructions for polishing the aluminum rims on a 1976 Corvette Stingray. My way of polishing the aluminum might sound harsh to some but it worked out for me. If rushed, this could end in a less than desirable finish so patience is key. There are many variables that could damage one’s wheels with this method so polish and clean at your own discretion.

Sound and Heat Proofing - 1976 Corvette

Installation of a sound and heat barrier on a 1976 C3 Corvette. I decided to go with a product called C3 Pre-Cut Full Insulation Kit by Mad Vette Motor Sports. Many C3 owners have had success with this product so I decided to give it a try.

Engine Bay Restoration - 1976 Corvette

I took a little break from the 68 to make my 76 every day driver a little more reliable and sexy. Will get back to work on the 68 soon.

Steering Box Removal - 1968 Corvette

Removing the steering box from the frame. Not too tough of a project.

Rear End Axle Assembly Removal - 1968 Corvette

Removing the rear end axle assembly from the frame.

Body Separation - 1968 Corvette

Removing the fiberglass body from the frame. The start of the 1968 project.