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My new must have when working under a car.


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I would like to know the exact dimensions of the U-shaped beams you used to create the hydraulic press as I would like to build one myself. I am not sure on actual sizes of beam to use and I would prefer for the structure to not break at 20 tons.

Great question. The the U beam is 4 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall. Between the two verticals, also referred as ears by some, the distance is very slightly above 3.5 inches wide. Throughout the project the same size U-beam was used. The thickness of the U-beams is .205 inches (5.207 mm) thick as measured at the center of the "U".

I'm sure you could replicate this design with a variety of different sizes of metal. I just chose this size because it was the best "bang for the buck" on the day I went to the scrap yard.

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