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1968 Corvette

Steering Box and Steering Linkage Removal

Removing the steering box and steering linkage is rather straight forward. First, I started out by removing the tie rods from the spindles. This can be done either by using a pitman arm puller like the one shown below or using a ball joint separator.

1968 Corvette steering linkage pitman arm puller

The next two supports I removed were the idler arm and the vibration dampener bracket for the control cylinder.

1968 Corvette idler arm 1968 Corvette vibration dampener

1968 Corvette steering assembly The final thing holding the steering linkage from being completely removed is the steering box. The steering box is only held in by the three bolts that can be seen in the picture below. Once they are removed, the steering box and the relay rod assembly can be removed as one unit

1968 Corvette pitman arm removal The first thing I did in disassembling the steering assembly from relay rod was removing the steering box from the relay rod ball stud. This can also been done when it was attached to the frame.

Next, I removed the control cylinder and the frame vibration dampener. The car only has 85K miles on it so the control cylinder shouldn’t be in too bad of shape. I may rebuild it later in the restoration or just buy a reproduction.

1968 Corvette control cylinder 1968 Corvette vibration dampener

The final parts I removed from the relay rod were the last two tie rods and idler arm.

Now that the steering assembly has been removed and disassembled, I can make my way forward toward the front suspension.

1968 Corvette idler arm