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1968 Corvette Differential Rebuild

Part 1

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Since I am doing a complete frame off restoration, I decided that even though the differential is in good condition, I would rebuild it just to make sure I do not have any problems with it later down the road. I could have probably taken off the cover, drained the oil, looked for unusual wear/ metallic shavings, sealed it up and it would be fine, but decided to rebuild it anyway.
The differential isn't terribly hard but, in my opinion, it was the most challenging part to rebuild on the rolling chassis and it takes a lot of thought before breaking it down. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to get help from one of the best corvette differential specialist who is very well known to the online corvette forum society. He was kind enough to give me step by step instructions both by phone and email. He has written a few "how to" articles of his own on some of the online corvette forums. Since he has been such a major help, I decided not to write an article of my own since my words and methods would be almost identical to his and I don't want to cross the line of plagiarism.
Here is the link to his work: gtr1999's Differential Rebuild

Here are some pictures of my rebuild in order from start to finish.

1968 Corvette differential old

1968 Corvette differential old

1968 Corvette differential old

1968 Corvette differential oil

differential sand blasted

differential primer

differential opened up

differential caps

posi caps

snap ring

side yoke

posi case

differential positraction carrier

pinion yoke nut

differential pinion

bearing race

pinion bearing removal

pinion bearing shim

pinion bearing removal

carrier center pin

Click Here for Part 2

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3

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